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Highly efficient, all naturalwood bricks for home heating

What makes HOT BRICKS™ better than traditional cordwood?

Hot Brick StackHOT BRICKS - Are an efficient, all natural, pressed wood brick developed as a cleaner, greener alternative to traditional firewood. We remove the bark and kiln dry the wood fiber to allow the heat created during burning to transfer directly into your home rather than going up your chimney. A well established HOT BRICK fire creates little visible smoke or creosote in your chimney and leaves one tenth the ash residue.  More Importantly, HOT BRICKS reduce smoke pollution by 1/3 to 1/2 versus cord wood. HOT BRICKS are a responsible alternative because they burn Hotter and Cleaner than firewood.

Firewood- By comparison, well seasoned firewood has moisture content around 20% or more and contains up to 20% bark. While burning firewood, much of the heat is wasted evaporating the moisture. The bark has low BTU value and leaves a large ash residue and creates harmful smoke pollution. The high moisture content and the dirty bark combine to carry the particulate matter and impurities into the environment in the form of smoke pollution and creosote. HOT BRICKS are Smarter and Greener because they reduce harmful smoke pollution


Hot Brick labelHOT BRICKS deliver more heat to your home because we kiln dry our wood chips. The low-moisture content of our tightly compressed wood bricks creates a longer, hotter, more efficient fire.  Unlike cordwood, HOT BRICKS do not waste heat evaporating the water trapped in the wood fiber. Instead, heat is immediately available to warm your home.


HOT BRICKS do not have any dirt, mud, mold, fungus, or bark. They do not harbor spiders,  bugs,  worms,  or vermin. They burn with little visible smoke and do not leave creosote in your chimney or stains on your glass doors. They stack neatly in your house or garage. HOT BRICKS are cleaner and more convenient.


Using HOT BRICKS for home heating is better for the environment, more affordable than oil, and cleaner and hotter than cordwood.  HOT BRICKS provide a more convenient, efficient, and responsible way to keep our homes warm in the wintertime. 


HOT BRICKS are 100 percent natural, local, and renewable. The woodchips we use to make HOT BRICKS come from within a 50-mile radius of our plant in Waterbury, CT. Heating with HOT BRICKS is carbon neutral.  HOT BRICKS are the environmentally smart, sustainable choice for home heating.




Trimaco Trimaco recyclable suface protection
Trimaco FloorShell

FloorShell is a Contractor strength floor protection roll for your toughest jobs. Made from 100% recycled newsprint, this item is eco-friendly and reusable. FloorShell protects wood, concrete, stone, tile, linoleum, epoxy, vinyl composition tile (vct),and most other floor types.

Worried about spills?
Our new innovative liquid repellent technology protects against paint, mud, water and more!

Earn up to 2 LEED points on projects seeking USGBC Certification
Size: 38: x 100' – 16 rolls / pallet


Now Lighter and
Stronger Than Ever


Across the board improvements in weight, strength and sustainability … all at a greater value than the original. One more way we're committed to our customers and – Building Reputations Together.™

ToughRock Gypsum Board

Sometimes great gets even better.

ToughRock Gypsum Board

ToughRock® Gypsum Board from
Georgia-Pacific Gypsum has always
meant quality and innovation. Now, it's
time to put our engineering to work for you.

Improved 1/2" ToughRock® Gypsum Board is lighter than the original ToughRock drywall it replaces, making it easier to lift, carry and install — and more economical to transport. It's also stronger and more durable.

Each of these improvements addresses the needs of customers like you. And thanks to enhancements in our manufacturing process, you get an even better product that translates to an even better value.

Since 1965, Georgia-Pacific Gypsum has listened and responded to our customers. We value your input and understand that when your reputation thrives, ours does, too. We're committed to working in tandem with you so it's easier to handle and use our products, to reduce waste and to complete new construction and renovation projects on time and on budget.

Manufacturing the most advanced, highest-quality products to support your business is a cornerstone of our business.
Building Reputations Together™


Improved ToughRock Gypsum Board is
a superior product across the board.

With the ToughRock Gypsum Board upgrade, you benefit from significant improvements in weight, strength and sustainability. Plus the enhanced board is versatile — it can be used for both walls and ceilings,* which makes managing construction projects on site and in the back office simpler, more efficient and less wasteful.

Lighter weight

  • Up to 25% lighter than traditional 1/2" wall and ceiling drywall products

  • Easier to lift, carry and install

  • Less weight to transport

Increased impact resistance

  • More impact-resistant for greater durability than the original 1/2" ToughRock

  • Greater ability to withstand pre- or post-installation wear and tear

Sag resistant for walls and ceilings*

  • One board can be used on walls and ceilings

  • Resists sagging under framing spacing, ceiling texture and insulation load

  • Ceiling applications include 24" on center perpendicular and 16" on center parallel

Greater flexural strength

  • Resists higher bending load

  • Less likely to crack during handling and installation

Improved humid bond

  • Greater bond between paper and gypsum core

  • Less chance for delamination in humid environments and with changing weather conditions

ToughRock Gypsum Board

Lighter for easier handling
and installation.

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum's new, improved ToughRock Gypsum Board for walls and ceilings gives customers exactly what they've been looking for from the brand they trust.

ToughRock Gypsum Board

Stronger than ever.
Innovative engineering takes ToughRock Gypsum Board to the next level by delivering increased strength in four distinct areas: impact resistance, sag resistance, flexural strength and humid bond.

Increased sustainability

  • GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified, GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified. Listed in CHPS High Performance Product Database as a low emitting product

  • Potential reduction in environmental impacts from transportation due to lighter weight product

  • One product for walls and ceilings may result in less waste, reducing the need to collect, transport, recycle or dispose of gypsum waste.



Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum

Click here to download the Georgia-Pacific Gypsum ToughRock flier as a PDF


Sustainable Building & Renovating

LEED® Credits

ToughRock® Gypsum Board can contribute to LEED Credit MR 4 for recycled materials (plant specific) and MR 5 for regional materials. To calculate materials and
resource credits using the GP LEED Calculator (US or Canada), visit www.gpgypsum.com and look for the
LEED calculator link.

Sustainable Building

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum supports sustainable production of gypsum wallboard. In addition, Georgia-Pacific is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a multi-industry coalition leading the green building movement. For more information, visit www.usgbc.org.

GREENGUARD Certification

The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) is an industry independent, third-party certification organization that oversees the GREENGUARD Certification program. As an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer, GEI establishes acceptable product standards for building materials, interior furnishings, cleaners, electronics and children's products. GEI also establishes building standards designed to protect the health of occupants through the control of mold, moisture and indoor pollutants. For more information, please visit www.greenguard.org.



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